Pray First 4 - Close to My Heart

A specific prayer to incorporate into your daily prayer life.

Doyle Jackson
Aug 26, 2018    43m
This sermon starts out exploring the history of The Church Next Door. Then Pastor Doyle Jackson closes out the series Pray First, by teaching his congregation a prayer that is taken from God's Word. It is meant to align the prayer with His word to make it more powerful. He explains all 8 parts to the prayer, and then encourages everyone to make this part of their daily prayer life. Video recorded at Columbus, Ohio.

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Sam Overla: 00:05 Thanks for watching this message from The Church Next Door. We're thrilled that you're joining us online today. We'd love to have you stop by any weekend as well. We're located at 5755 Feder Road in Columbus, Ohio, and have services on Saturday evening at 5:00 and Sunday morning at 9:30 and 11:00. We hope to see you soon.

Video Plays: 00:29 Twenty years ago, God called Doyle Jackson to be the senior pastor of Lincoln Baptist Church. Obedient to the call, his wife Jennifer and their two boys Aaron and Peter moved from Cincinnati to Columbus to begin an exciting new journey. Lincoln Baptist Church was founded in 1955 to serve the families of Lincoln Village. The church moved to our current location at 5755 Feder Road in 1980. Then in 2004, Pastor Doyle lead our congregation in changing the name of our church to The Church Next Door to better reflect is growing influence throughout the west side of Columbus. Regardless of our name, serving families has been an important focus for us throughout our history. Another constant has been the worship of our mighty God. Styles of worship have changed over the years, and The Church Next Door will always strive to worship in culturally relevant ways, but the one whom we worship is constant and faithful to meet us where we are. Our mission at The Church Next Door is moving people closer to God. One way we've remained faithful to our mission is to celebrate people declaring the Lordship of Jesus in their lives through baptism. The Church Next Door has grown in many ways in the past 20 years. Our congregation has steadily grown over the years, even the building itself has grown and improved to accommodate the ever changing needs of our growing congregation. Our growth has enabled us to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors on the west side of Columbus in all kinds of ways. We believe in meeting people where they are, the Jesus way.

Video Plays: 02:54 No outreach has proven to be bigger, or more fun, than the Easter egg hunt. This year alone, the Easter egg hunt hosted over a thousand people. Sharing joy, lots of candy, and the love of Jesus with our friends and neighbors. Joy is a hallmark of Christianity, and The Church Next Door has never been afraid to have fun. Maybe it's that kind of joy that has led so many of the people we've invited to speak and perform here, to become lifelong friends of The Church Next Door. Under the leadership of Pastors Doyle and Jennifer, the impact of The Church Next Door has extended far beyond Columbus, and has truly been global in nature. Reaching to Mexico, India, Israel, and Africa, our mission's focus is to help ministries who are dedicated to planting churches. Meanwhile, right here at home, The Church Next Door has developed an unwavering commitment to the next generation through Kids Next Door and Grounded Youth Ministry. We do everything we can to help them experience the love and grace of Jesus for themselves. Perhaps most importantly, all that has happened over the last 20 years has been made possible by you, the congregation of The Church Next Door. Every step of the way you have given your time, talent, and financial support to make The Church Next Door, the vibrant growing church it is today, and we know God isn't finished yet. We believe the best is yet to come here at The Church Next Door.

Doyle Jackson: 05:31 Isn't it exciting to be a part of what God is doing here? I know I'm excited about it. I see it in your lives, and so many people's lives. And so this weekend we just wanted to take a moment, we wanted to take a few minutes, and just reflect on the past 20 years. You know, The Church Next Door has had an impact in this neighborhood, in this community for 63 years now, and we have no intention of stopping. We're just wanting to take some time today to help the next generation, the next group of people that are part of this place know what we're about, and share that with you so you can be a part of what God is doing with us. Alright? What we want you to know is this, if you're new in this place, if this is a new place that you're kind of like feeling your way through and saying, man, is this the right place for me to serve God? We want you to know what you're getting in on, and as far as we're concerned in this place, prayer is key. We believe that God is just ready to answer your prayers, to hear you. Prayer is just simple, it's talking with God, it's sharing your heart with him, and we want to give that to you. And challenge you today to become a part of being a people of prayer.

Doyle Jackson: 06:46 We've taken the last four weeks, and we've been talking about pray first, because that's a core value for us. We say in this place, we say, pray first, ask questions later. So you help me with that, pray first. We want that to be a core value, a core response in our lives. It's our impression that the world expects Christians to pray, so why shouldn't we talk about it more? Why shouldn't we be open with that? And so today we're going to give you some keys to prayer. We want to invite you, like I said, to connect with our history here at The Church Next Door in terms of prayer. To become a part of that. It's an exciting time here, and we want to share a little about that with you. Would you do me a favor and just put your hands together, and welcome those that are watching online. Alright, awesome.

Doyle Jackson: 07:40 Well, today is pray first, and what we really want to share with you is what's close to God's heart. You know, I probably have one of the most common questions of me as a pastor, as a Christian leader is this. So, can you tell me how I get my prayers answered? Could you just tell me the key? They want to know, like does God have a secret handshake? You know, if I have a certain posture when I pray, will it make my prayers be more effective? You know, if I would just, you know, if I could do something to amp up my prayer, what would that be? Because I really have some things that I need to get answered, and I'm going to give you the real simple answer today. It's a powerful principle, but I think a lot of people miss it, just because it's so obvious. The prayer that God answers, is the prayer that's already on God's heart. See what's close to God's heart, he shared with us in his word, and he said, this is what's important to me.

Doyle Jackson: 08:46 This summer, we've been reading through the Book of Psalms, and there's some patterns that keep coming up about what's close to God's heart, what's important to him. And today, what I'm going to do, is I'm going to outline for you eight things that are really close to God's heart. And what I want to invite you to, is to begin to make them close to your heart. And then what's happening is this, your prayers are agreeing with God. Jesus taught a principal, and he said this, a prayer of agreement is more powerful. So Jennifer and I, we know that as a husband and wife, as a team, if we'll pray about something, it's more powerful. It's more effective in the spiritual realm. And so what we do is, we'll sit down and we'll say, well, what is it that we need to pray about. And we'll look in God's word and say, what does God have to say about that? And then it becomes super powerful when we realize that we're aligning our prayer with his heart. And if you will pray those prayers, they're always going to get answered because you're agreeing with God. The most powerful prayer you can ever pray is the prayer that agrees with God's heart. How did Jesus teach the disciples to pray? He said, our father who art in heaven. So what Jesus taught was that principle that we started with four weeks ago. If you want to pray effectively, realize that you're reaching from here in time, into eternity to touch God who sits in eternity. And you're inviting him into your world, and into your life, and into the circumstances.

Doyle Jackson: 10:23 Well today what we're doing is this. We're saying prayer consistently goes back and it looks at, well, what's really important to God needs to be important to me. And if I'll agree with God about this matter, then we're going to get alignment, and then your prayers will be answered. So today I'm going to give you a eight keys to that, eight principles that keep coming up again and again in the psalms and in scripture. And if you'll start praying that way, it'll change your life, and your prayers will get answered. Okay? Before you leave today, we have a gift for you, and it is a wristband. It says, pray first. Alright? I want you to get one, and take it with you, and wear it so it'll remind you to pray every day. Pray at the first of the day, and to make that impact your life. Okay? So get your notes out.

Doyle Jackson: 11:19 Here we go. Alright? We're going to go quick, so please listen. Psalm 108:1, it says that when we pray, we pray to bring about God's glory, "Oh God, my heart is steadfast. I will sing and give praise even with my glory." So what the Psalmist is saying is your glory is your tongue. When your tongue speaks out the things that are on God's heart, it brings glory to him. We know how many times our tongue has brought something out that doesn't bring glory to God, right? We know how cutting we can be, we know how sharp and unkind and inconsiderate our mouth can be. Well, what God invites us to is this. He says, I designed your mouth to worship me, to praise me, to bring glory to your life, and to me. And so when you and I pray, and we align it to what's close to God's heart, it brings glory to God in your life, okay? And in the world around us. And that's what he's seeking, okay? That's what God wants, and that's really what you want. When you want your prayers answered, that's what you're wanting. Alright? So pray first. My heart needs it.

Doyle Jackson: 12:37 The first kind of prayer you always want to pray is the Lord, I will die for you. Now, I know that's a shocking one, and that one kind of throws you at first. But this is the prayer that says, I'm a free will offering God. This means I surrender to you. Listen, when Jesus taught the disciples to pray, he said, pray this way, our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. So what Jesus said was, God, I don't want my will for my life, I want the heavenly will for my life to happen. That's the prayer of surrender. And David and the other psalmist said to us over and over and over again, the best way to pray, the most powerful way you can pray, is if you begin to say, God, help me not want my will so much as I want your will. And begin to have that change. Look how the psalmist put it here in Psalm 110:3, this is what we read yesterday, if you've been reading along with us. Alright? It says, "Your people will be your love offerings like living sacrifices spilled out before you in the day of your mighty power, you will be exalted in the brightness of your holy ones. You will shine as an army rising from the womb of the Dawn, anointed with the dew of your youth." The picture is this. In the same way that when you walk out and you see the dew glistening on the grass in the morning, God is looking for a people who will rise in the morning and they'll come before him and say, God, you've given me a new day. This is what I want you to know, God. This is the day that you have made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it. And I'm trusting you today, God to guide me through this day, and whatever you want to have happen today, I'm okay with that. Because I trust you, you're my father. See, God is looking for an army of people that will lay down their lives before him and say, not my will, but your will God, and that's the way you begin. If you begin by approaching God with that perspective, it will begin to change you about what's most important in your life, and he'll begin to show you what's most important to him.

Doyle Jackson: 15:05 The second part of the prayer that you and I want to pray every day goes like this. It says, I will live, and declare God is good. Now, why is this one important? What this one is about is praying for your health and your life, in the same way that Jesus said, pray for your daily bread. When you're coming before him saying, God, I'm coming before you today, and I need health and life today. God, I need you to heal my emotions. You know how grief strucking I've been, God you know the depression I've been facing, God you know the physical needs that I have. See your daily bread, when you come to God the psalmist says, pray that you're going to live, that you're going to live, and declare the works of the Lord. That you will not be overcome by the evil that's in this world, you're not going to be overcome just in your body. Listen, in this church, you probably shouldn't hear this from your pastor, but I don't know how many people call this their home. There are so many people that show up and worship with us on a regular basis, we don't know everybody and, you're not all here at the exact same time. We wish you would, if you'd all come at the same time, we would be overjoyed. But at the same time, we'll have to get out some more chairs, we know how that goes. There's probably 1500 people that call The Church Next Door their home. Okay? But because we all have busy schedules, and the way the world is today, you know, we do three services. And we just, we put them in here, out in there, you know what I'm saying? Every week we have multiple families, people that are going into the hospital or having procedures, so we're just constantly praying for your health and for your life. And arranging for small groups to visit people, and team leaders, and the care team. This is what I see every week. I see God bring healing in life. I see God bring hope. You know, last Monday night Jennifer is here with the ladies, and she stood and she prayed with with different ones over and over, and we see God move in the life of the church. In the small groups, people are getting health and life every week. Let me tell you something. One of the most important things you can do every day, you get up and you say, Lord, okay, I surrender to your love. But number two God, I need your health and your life flowing through me, it's the only way I can live. Give me breath, give me life, give me the emotional strength that I need, restore my soul.

Doyle Jackson: 17:44 Number three, I will delight myself in obedience. I will delight myself in obedience. Now, what's this prayer? This prayer is God help me. Help me to align myself to your word, and your ways. See, we know what God's ways are, right? We know that God doesn't want you to have a lying mouth, right? We know that God doesn't want you to be a thief. We know that God doesn't want you to covet. You know, to want, and to grab and to grasp at what other people have? No, but what does it mean to begin to pray, God, help me not to even want to go that way. God help me, help me Lord. This is in the land where Jesus said, lead me not into temptation. See in the scripture, this is what it says. It says, I will run after you with delight in my heart, for you will make me obedient in your instructions.

Doyle Jackson: 18:42 And then it bridges right over with number four, I will live under your grand protection. See if God is protecting you, if God is helping you to stay away from temptation, he's also protecting you from evil. See, you're seeking. You're saying, God change my heart, so I'll love your principles and your ways. And then God protect me from the evil one, protect me from the evil that's in this world. We know that it's here, and it exists. Listen, if you just put your kid on the bus this week, if you dropped them off at school, you know the sinking feeling of how powerless you are. You have no way of knowing what the influences will be on that child, and part of you wants to grasp and hold on, and say no way. But nope, God's people don't do that. They say, Lord, I trust my children to you, I trust that you're going to bring them home safely, you're going to bring all of us home safely today. Because God, I know your word says that you have a guardian angel watching over my children. I know that your Holy Spirit is in them, and with them, and wherever they go. And so Lord, I'm just trusting you. Look at the scripture here, what it says in the Psalms about this Psalm 121:7-8, He will keep you from every (Say every.) every form of evil or calamity, as he continually watches over you. You will be guarded by God himself. You will be safe when you leave your home, and safely you will return. He will protect you now, and he will protect you forever more." This is what you need to know. We forget sometimes that God repeatedly and repeatedly, in scripture says, I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will always be with you. Psalm 91, he says, "That wherever you go." Again and again, this is the God's promise to his people. So when you pray, God protect me today, protect my household and my family, you're aligning yourself with his will, his purpose, and you put yourself in a great position to have that prayer answered.

Doyle Jackson: 20:52 Number five, I will pray for your people in Jerusalem. I will pray for your people in Jerusalem. Now, this one is important because this is about God's faithfulness. What God did was God said, I live in eternity, but I care about all humanity. And the way I want all humanity to know about me is I will set aside some people that are called by my name. That began with the Jewish people, and then it says in the New Testament that you and I were grafted in to that family of God. God's chosen people, by virtue of Jesus Christ, makes us one with them. And God said, I'm going to pluck one city, out of all the cities in the earth, so all the world will know that I am God. And that I'm a powerful God, and that I'm faithful to my word. And so thousands of years in advance, he said, I'm going to bless the Jewish people, I'm going to scatter them, and then I'm going to bring them back to home. When you and I open up Psalm 126, it talks about how he'll regather them. It's in Psalm 122:6, here it says, that you and I are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and if we do that, it'll bring a blessing in our life. And the reason you want to do that, and the reason you do it every day is this. It's a constant reminder in your brain. Well, God's been faithful to the Jewish people. He's been faithful to the city of Jerusalem. Everybody thought that that was a waste land, and that they were done for. So many nations have tried to destroy them, but God has never, ever let that happen. His hand of protection has guarded it. Doesn't mean it's been easy, but he's brought it back. He's caused the desert to bloom. He's brought them back home from all the nations. And you and I know that he will be faithful to you and I and the same way. And so we align ourselves with his purposes, when we pray for Jerusalem. But it reminds our heart to continually kindle the fact that my God is faithful. Say that, God is faithful. Amen.

Doyle Jackson: 23:00 Alright, number six, I will pray for widows and orphans. I will pray for widows and orphans. Listen, this is an important principle, because it says, I know that God is very well aware of everyone in need. That God is concerned with the powerless, with the innocent, with the alien, with widows and orphans. And so what you and I do when we pray this prayer, it constantly helps us know, it does not matter what's going on in our life, that he's going to care for that. But then you and I need his wisdom in dealing with the world in which we live. Because you're going to have people in your life. You're going to have widows and orphans, and people that are strangers, people that need help, and you have limited resources, don't you? You have limited time, and you're going to say, Lord, who do you want me to help? Who Do you want me to help right now? How am I going to do that? It's why as a church, it's why we went to Africa this year. We helped widows and orphans in Africa. It's why we were constantly doing things right here in Columbus, within the five miles of this church, we're helping people in need. Because we know that that's God's heart, and we want to pray about that every day, all the time. We're saying God, it says the Lord watches over the strangers, he relieves the fatherless, and the widows, but the way of the wicked, he will turn upside down. What's that mean? That means if you ignore the powerless, the innocent and those people, and you just say, ah, I don't have anything to do with that. God will turn your world upside down eventually, because that's where his heart is. And when you and I come to him and say, Lord, I'm praying today for wisdom. I'm praying for the widows and the orphans. My Dad lost his mom, when he was only two weeks old. You'd be surprised at how many people in this room, this is a very personal matter for. We can't take it lightly. It's God's heart, and it's the heart he has for his people.

Doyle Jackson: 25:22 Let's keep going. Number seven, I'll ask the Lord to build my family and community. Now I know this is close to your heart. It's close to all of our hearts. We have a concern about our own household, and we have a concern about our community, and did you know that it's important to God too? God teaches us some principles about how you focus that concern. He says in Psalm 127;1 he says, "Unless the lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it, unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." So you and I need two things to happen. We need God to get very, very involved in our everyday lives as families. We've already said we need his protection when they go off to school, but we need God working to help us set up the values and the principles in our home, so our children will know that they're loved and they're precious. Listen, if you want your children to have a passion for God, you need to have a passion for God. If you want your children to believe in God, you've got to believe in God. If you want your children to be a people of prayer, you have to pray. You have to pray with them, and around them, and for them. And it's just a part of it. And if you want your city to have peace, for your children to grow up in peace, you got to pray for it. It's going to take a work of God. It doesn't matter what the city council, and the mayor's, and the school board, if you'll pray for them, God will bring peace to the city. And the Gospel will go out, and it'll raise the spiritual water level for them. Can you imagine this? If every one of the people that calls The Church Next Door home, if all of us will agree today to this covenant, and begin to pray. Can you imagine what it would do for Columbus? To have 1500, or more, people praying every day, agreeing for God. Saying, Oh God, have your will in our families, and our homes, and our communities. It'll change everything, not just for us, but for our neighbors who need God's love too.

Doyle Jackson: 27:35 Last one. Number eight, Lord, build your church to the ends of the earth. One of the things that's been really a part of the heart of this church, one of the things that's been a part of who we are, is this idea that we need to plant churches. We've helped plant churches in different parts of the world. We focused lately in India, and in Africa, and we've even helped here in Columbus. Some of you know Cristo Rey, who we've helped over recent years to plant here in town. Because we believe that the best way to make disciples of Jesus Christ, is to support the building of the local church. Because Jesus said, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Listen to what psalm 2 says, it says "Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it, and they shall become your legacy. Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth." That's our prayer. That's our prayer. That one day we will have impacted more and more places in the world, than we have right now.

Doyle Jackson: 28:45 Now, this is our invitation to you. Today the worship team is going to come out, and they're going to lead us in a song. But today we're going to ask you to get up in just a moment, and go to one of these stations, and we want you to sign your name to this prayer covenant. You say, well, why? Why is that so important? This church has been founded, and soaked in prayers for years, and what we need to do is share it with you. So the next generation of Christ followers in this community will know how important prayer is. In the 1990's, we started, having amazing grace nights of prayer and worship. We're going to have a night of worship and prayer in September. That's just part of who we are. Several years ago we remodeled this room. We remodeled this building. You may not know this, but underneath the carpet, underneath your feet, is a bowling alley floor. It came from a university in Texas, shipped up here on trucks, and the men of the church put that down. And then we had this as a gymnasium for a while, and in 2006 we said, no, we're going to make this our sanctuary. And we're going to fix it up so the neighborhood can come, and come to know Jesus, and we all gave and we sacrificed and made that happen. On the Sunday before we knew that we're going to lay the carpet, we all came in and we took sharpie markers. We went around this room and we wrote down the names of people that we wanted to ask the Lord to bring into his kingdom, we wrote down prayers on this floor, and so wherever you walk around in this place, you need to know you're walking on prayers. Every once in a while you'll see someone standing in some part of the room, and they'll just have their head bowed, and they're praying. And that's because they're still praying for that person that they wrote in that area. Last night, had a man come up to us and he said, with tears in his eyes, she was here tonight. One of the people that I wrote on the floor before the carpet was here tonight.

Doyle Jackson: 31:05 2010, the economy was bad, and everybody was kind of tightening their belts, and we said, no, we're not going to back off on Jesus. So we asked the whole church to roll up their sleeves, to give of their time and their talent and their treasure. We said, we're going to build a patio out front, because we want this place to be inviting and welcoming. We want to give them a gathering place, a place where they can come and worship God. And as part of that patio, we put a cross, a mirror image of what's on the north wall there, in the ground. And when you walk across the patio, you'll see that cross and you might notice there's like this metal slit right there in the middle of the cross. That's for you to add the names of the people on your heart for the next generation. We leave it there year round, and we invite you all the time. Who is it that's on your heart right now? Who is it that needs to know the love of Jesus? Who is it that you're praying for? Who is it you're calling heaven to move into their life and to have its way? If you're not, start, God may bring somebody to your heart right now, but you have become a part of The Church Next Door, whether you're aware of it or not. In this place, we are a people of prayer, and we're telling you today, we want you to become a part of the next generation of God's prayer workers. The men and women, do not leave it up just to the people that are older than you.

Doyle Jackson: 32:33 We need a young vibrant generation of prayers along with us as well, and so today we have tables around this room. There's eight of them, and we want you to go to one of those tables? And we want you to sign your name as a testimony. Okay, I'm in, I'm going to be a person of prayer. I'm going to pray first and ask questions later. I'm going to be the kind of person that goes every day, and I'm asking God, God have your way with me. I surrender to you. I trust you for my life. I want to put the covenant. It's in your notes, on a card, but I want you to hear what it says. It says, the we, the people of The Church Next Door agree to: surrender to your love, believe for our health and lives, delight in obedience to your ways, trust in your strength over evil, for our protection, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to look for wisdom, to care for the powerless, to build our homes and city and grace and love, and to ask for all the nations to be your inheritance, including ours. If you will agree to that today, I want you to do two things. I want you to take your prayer card that's in your worship folder, I want you to sign your name on it. But I want you to go to one of these stations right now, and sign your name to it. The worship team is going to sing, and then you're going to come back, and we're going to say the prayer together, and the covenant together. Alright? So please, if you're willing, sign the covenant to be a pray first person.

Worship team: 34:12 (Music plays.)

Doyle Jackson: 39:34 Listen, what today is about is this, in every family there's an inheritance. And the preceding generations have to be willing to pass on the inheritance, that means there has to be inheritance to pass on. You have to manage it, but then you have to give it away. You have to cast the vision, you have to share it, and then the next generation has to say, well, do I want it or don't want to squander it? Do I want to spend it lightly? Don't want to say no, I want to keep that, I want that to go on to the next generation. And in this place we have declared that prayer is part of our inheritance. Okay? It's part of the expectation, it's part of the life, it's part of what we want. And today we're asking you to receive the baton if you're new, and if you've been part of it in the past, keep carrying it. Keep carrying it. Keep casting the vision.

Doyle Jackson: 40:31 Would you say with me aloud the covenant that we have today. Alright, we're going to put it on the screen. Alright? If you'll say it with me, we, the people of The Church Next Door do agree to surrender to your love, believe for our health and lives, delight in obedience to your ways, to trust in your strength over evil for our protection, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to look for wisdom to care for the powerless, to build our homes and city in grace and love, to ask for all the nations to be you inheritance including ours. Then finally I want to ask you, we've got lots of these cards. Alright? I want you to take one or two or three with you today. I know the ushers in the back have them if you need them. They'll give them, take one and put it in your car, you're probably going to be stuck in traffic this week. Alright? And while you're sitting there, you can say the prayer. Have one at your desk, or have one on your mirror in your bathroom, have one on your refrigerator, and just say, God, help me to pray this prayer every day.

Doyle Jackson: 41:47 Here's the prayer. Alright, we're going to say it now. Father in heaven, I come before you in Jesus' name. I want to be a living sacrifice. Help me to see the world like you. I want to live in the health and life that you provide. I will delight myself in obedience to your ways today. I trust you for protection from evil, calamity, and harm. Whether I'm at home or away, you will protect me forevermore. I ask you to bring peace to Jerusalem, and all her inhabitants, complete the restoration. Bless those who honor your city. Father, care for the strangers, the orphans and widows. Give me the wisdom to participate. Help me to work with you in our homes and city, to build a freedom and salvation. Give us the nations as an inheritance, not just this land, but every mountain, valley, and island, know the blessing and freedom that comes from your great love. Amen. Amen. Awesome.

Doyle Jackson: 43:05 Thank you for being a people of prayer. Thank you for loving God. Thank you for coming. God bless you. God bless you. If you want to talk to me, I'll be down here. And as always we have a team that will pray with you, they'll agree. Have a great week.

Sam Overla: 43:24 We hope you are encouraged and challenged to grow in your relationship with Jesus by this message. If you like to learn more about The Church Next Door, stop by our website, or look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

Recorded in Columbus, Ohio.
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