Forevermore 1 - Start

Part of living a godly lifestyle is looking to him for answers.

Doyle Jackson
Jan 14, 2018    34m
When you live a godly lifestyle, you look to him for your answers, and he will provide for you forevermore. If you give your heart to God, he will give you extra protection you need. It's important to respond to reality, follow your Godly instincts, and pray when making changes to improve your life. They key is to start with one area, and work on that first. That way you will not get overwhelmed with the size of the things you want to change. We all have spiritual walls that we face, ask yourself what yours are. We have a choice, do we want to follow God's plan, or do you want to go down the path of destruction. Pastor Doyle Jackson encourages us to take a step toward God. Video recorded at Columbus, Ohio.