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Setting goals to better ourselves is part of living for Christ.

Doyle Jackson
Apr 7, 2018    39m
In this sermon Pastor Doyle talks about the importance of setting goals in our lives. He gives an exercise for his congregation to try, that will help examine places in their lives that they might want to set goals. Then he explained that an important part of living for Christ is setting goals that help to honor and bring you closer to Him. Video recorded at Columbus, Ohio.

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Doyle Jackson: 01:29 Do you recognize some of those folks? That was you. You did a great job this Easter, and I'm just so proud of you, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for standing out in the cold and giving away popcorn. Thank you for putting eggs out there. Thank you for helping out with the kids choir. Thank you for everything that you did to share God's love, from stuffing eggs on the 16th, all the way through last weekend. Would you just give God a hand clap, and one another hand clap, for just a second. Way to go Church Next Door, way to go, way to go, way to go. Good job, great job, way to go. The reason that's important is this, you know, if your friend calls and says, hey, I got a new car. Would you go over and say, well you know, I would never have chosen that color, or would you give them a high five and say, oh wow, this is so cool, I'm so excited that you get to have this new car. If your friend called and said, I'm engaged. Would you say, let me see the ring, and would you begin to talk about how it was not nearly as big as yours, or would you just give them a high five and celebrate with them? If there is something within us that's not good, there's an evil part of our selfishness, that doesn't want to celebrate. We're a little bit jealous, and that is wrong, that is the ungodly part of us. And we need to be the kind of people that will celebrate with one another when great things happen, and look forward to the good things and the blessings with one another. That's what it means to be kind, to be loving, to be accepting and to to be a part of community, and be a part of it. And you need to know something, we had a great several weeks here. It was a lot of weeks of preparation, and work, and planning. We had a couple thousand people here for the egg hunt. We had over 1800 people here for Easter at the four services. That's good stuff people. Good job, way to go Church Next Door, all right.

Doyle Jackson: 03:29 And if you're new around here, if this is like your first or second week or something like that, you just have to make one decision. Huh? Do I think I would like being a part of something like this? And to me that's a no-brainer. I'm sorry, we are a church that loves this community, and we're headed around the world this week to continue the love of Jesus to the ends of the earth, and that excites me. I am so excited to be a part of the body of Christ. This weekend, we were downtown Columbus making a difference. Because we work hard, and we work together. Good job Church Next Door. Amen.

Doyle Jackson: 04:13 All right, well I want to talk to you about hashtag goals. All right? Last week was Easter, and we talked about how there is more. And when you open up the New Testament, and began to read the New Testament, One are the exciting things about it is this, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, the four gospels, they tell you the story of Jesus, and it kind of ends with the Cross and the resurrection.

Doyle Jackson: 04:36 But we don't want to take from that, that's the end, there's more. And so if you keep reading, and you roll in to the Book of Acts, it tells you that there is more. The other things that Jesus continued to do. If you keep reading beyond the Book of Acts, you start getting the letters to the different churches, and the different individuals, and people, and how the church continued to grow and impact the world. That the message of Jesus continued to transform lives beyond that. The reason that's important, the reason that is central, is some people believe that they accept Jesus, they get eternal life, and they're done. And that's not true. You may have accepted Jesus in 1972. You went forward, or whatever you did as a response, but that's not the end. And I know a lot of people who think that's the end to their spiritual life. They believe that just because they say a prayer, they're good to go, I'm going to heaven. Well, it looks to me like you're living for hell every day. And even the world knows that. The world looks at us and says, well, you're a hypocrite. And the reason is they see a disconnect between someone saying, I believe in Jesus, and someone who is a continuing to grow learner, and someone who was in love with God. And that's why we're going to talk about hashtag goals. Because I believe the goal for you and I should be continual growth, continual closeness to God, and something that continues to challenge you. If you have not been challenged in your spiritual life in the last 12 months, what's going on?

Doyle Jackson: 06:22 Because you need to get unstuck. And some of us right now, if we're honest, we feel stuck. We feel stuck not just in terms of our spiritual life, in several areas. And so this is what I want you to know, the principles that we're going to learn over the next four weeks, will be transportable to other areas of your life. So you don't even have to be a Christ follower. If you want to learn how to reach your goals, if you'll come and listen, it's going to help you make advancement in your life. Okay, and I'm good with that. All right, I'm good with that, but you need to know we are a church. And I'm not hiding the fact that the reason I'm talking about this is to help you make advancement in your spiritual life. The mission of the Church Next Door, is moving people closer to God. Let there be no doubt about it, we do not just want to change your social status, we do not just want to change your bottom line financially, we don't want to just help you have a better marriage and a family, we want you to know Jesus, the Lord and the savior. Okay? That's our goal. We're honest about it. If you can be honest and say, well, I'm here because I need more than just that. We're good with that too. All right, so get your notes out. If you've got to worship folder, open it up, get those notes out. If you've got the app, you can pull it out, you can follow along, you can take notes there.

Doyle Jackson: 07:50 Alright, so hashtag goals. Let's start. If you feel stuck today, this is my goal, my goal is to help you get going. We're going to give you a little bit of a push. If your car was stuck, you'd say, hey man, can you give me a push, you know, whatever. I'm going to say actually, can I get in where it's not muddy, but that's a different discussion, right? Don't want to get it on my coat all right, I'm just saying. So we're going to give you a push today. Now, the first question that I have to deal with when I talk about this whole idea of goals in spirituality is, I lived under a misunderstanding for some time in my life and that was, I thought that humility and Christian spirituality demanded that I be kind of somber, and that I had to be humble, and it would be inappropriate for me to aspire to more.

Doyle Jackson: 08:50 That just makes me want to go quit. Alright? Someone actually told me week, they said, you know, I've gone to church all my life, but I wasn't really vibrant, and this year was my first Easter, The Church Next Door. They're like, I had no idea you could have so much fun at Easter. I said, wow, wait until Mother's Day. I mean you just have no...you know. But some of us have this idea that humility says that we shouldn't have spiritual goals and spiritual aspirations. Did you know that the New Testament, Paul says that you and I should eagerly desire the spiritual gifts. There's some aspiration there. I want to show you what Jesus had to say. Look in your notes right here. This is from the gospel of Luke Chapter 14. Jesus tells us that we're allowed to have spiritual goals. The answer is yes. In Luke 14:28, "For which of you intending to build a tower does not first sit down and estimate the cost to see whether he has enough to complete it." Now, Jesus, the context here is clearly talking about a spiritual matter, but he's trying to give you a practical example. So this is the practical example, so if you're a goal right now is to be healthier, if your goal is to have a better family life, if your goal is to start a business, if your goal is to to reach a certain level of education, the first step is to count the cost. You and I have to sit down, the first step to any goal setting is first of all, to look within ourselves to evaluate what we're doing. Listen, everybody watches HGTV. They all think that they could be Chip and Joanna Gaines, I'm going to out, buy a cheap house, and I'm going to fix it up. Please don't do that. Oh my gosh. Just because you've watched a one hour program on HGTV does not qualify you to be a flipper. You'll be a flop. Okay? And yet we do that, don't we? I know people will say, I've been to Starbucks, I think I'll open a coffee shop. Can I tell you there is a big difference between going to Starbucks and ordering a latte, and starting a Starbucks like place. And I know other people, they just point at the fence, and then they just start swinging, but there's a lot of time and energy that goes into hitting the long ball. And that's what Jesus is saying here. If you want to reach a goal, you have to first, you have to first look inside yourself. Don't say yes, before looking inside.

Doyle Jackson: 11:46 See, Jesus's invitation is to live a spiritual life as a follower, but says it's important to begin with a heart check. Are you sure you want this, and are you ready to pay the price? This goal should not be taken lightly. Look at the context with me, look at the context. This is Luke 14, "Now large crowds were traveling with him, and he turned and said to them, whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes even life itself, cannot be my disciples." Now, some of you, you've got to think about this for just a second. Number one, Jesus has really large crowds coming around him lots of people are showing up. I mean, we know for a one story right, it's 5,000 men. We don't know how many women and children were with those men. Okay? Showed up one day, and they fed them
lunch. Okay? These are big crowds, and Jesus is trying to help sift through, and find out who is just pretend, who's a wannabee, and who's for real.

Doyle Jackson: 13:01 And before you start setting goals in your life, you've got to answer a core question. Are you for real? Are you for real? When it comes to spiritual life, when it comes to spiritual life, you need to know that even the world feels this way. Even the world feels this way about Christians, right? Because, see the world knows all the people who say, I'm a Christian, they were the cross, but the cross does not impact their behavior, and the world calls them hypocrites. It's one of the strongest claims against the church today, is us. Now this is the problem that we have, we know we're sinners, that's why we go to church. The reason the world doesn't want to come to church with us, is they know they're sinners, and they don't want to pay the price. And you've got to decide where you want to be. When I read this and it says hate father, mother and brother and all this, some of you are like, I got that one down, I can't stand my family. You may be misunderstanding Jesus at this point. What Jesus is trying to do, is he's trying to get you to think about what's holding you back from taking the next step, and if per chance it's even your family, you need to think about that. And you say, well that that wouldn't really happen for you. Well this week my wife is going halfway around the world without me, so when you look at me, you need to be honest and say, well, they seem to be all in. What about you? When will you be? When? Some of you have been waiting way too long. Quit gambling with your spiritual life, and start getting for real. That's what Jesus is saying, for whoever does not carry the cross and follow me, cannot be my disciple. Say cannot.

Congregation: 15:19 Cannot

Doyle Jackson: 15:19 For which of you intending to build a tower. Here's our context, right? Does not first sit down and estimate the cost to see whether he has enough to complete it. Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation, is not able to finish, all who see it will begin to ridicule him. Saying, this fellow began to build, and was not able to finish. Jesus says, do not be that kind of disciple. He's trying to get rid of them. That's so normally what you do in a church meeting, is it? That's why I just want you to know up front right now, if you're not here next week, I'll know why. I'm good with that, don't you be. "Or what king going out to wage war against another king will not sit down first and consider whether he is able with 10,000, to oppose the one who comes against him with 20,000." So Jesus now is comparing the spiritual battle of discipleship in your life, and in this context that sometimes for you to win spiritually in your discipleship, you're going to have to go up against something that appears to be bigger than you. "If he cannot, then while the other is still far away, he sends a delegation and asks for the terms of peace. So therefore, none of you can become my disciple if you do not give up all your possessions." What Jesus is inviting you and I to, is that he might be our possession.

Doyle Jackson: 16:55 Now, all of us, when it comes to goals, one of these deep down goals that every one of us has, is we want to know that our life matters. This is why everybody kind of, you know, we talk about the whole, everybody gets their one minute of fame. And we're all like, I could be a YouTube sensation. We're all good with that, because all of us want our life to matter. That's what we're really saying. We're cool with the big screen, we're cool with the idea that somehow we might make it that way. And I want you to know that every one of us, every one of us in this world, our life is important, and it is lived on a big screen. The big screen though, is before our father in heaven. And the Bible tells us that in a lot of places, but in this one particular place, Jeremiah 23, it says, "Am I only a God nearby declares the Lord, and not a God far away? Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them? declares the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord. I have heard what the prophets say. Who prophesied lies in my name. They say, I had a dream. I had a dream." What's God talking about? God is talking about, no matter what you do, and I do, he sees it. Your life is on the big screen, God sees it. The Bible says that God sees your whole life, and then one day he's going to give you an evaluation. That's even worse than the circle evaluation, the 360 evaluation they did at work. Think about that, because God knows the thoughts and the intents of our heart. Now, the moment I started saying this, suddenly we all kind of tighten up inside, we get a little bit nervous. Here's the irony. This is the big irony. Everyone, everyone, even the greatest atheist out there, everyone wants to believe that God is watching when they're in trouble, and that he will do something.

Doyle Jackson: 18:58 Everyone wants to believe that God is watching when we do the right thing, but none of us wants God to be watching when we're not doing the right thing, and so that's the tension we feel. And what God is inviting us to, what God invites you and I to, is that we become honest about our life. It demands that we believe that God is watching, and that God is aware that the world in which you and I live has evil. And sometimes we have knowingly participated in that, but he wants us to choose his side, and to stop choosing evil. And to choose life, and the one who is the resurrection and the life, Jesus. And he says, I want you to become a part of my team, and no longer seek after what benefits you, but seek what benefits the kingdom. I want you to overcome the world. See, that's what God invites us to. Now this is what we have to see, is that you live in a world where there is resistance, and there's a struggle against that. So when you and I try to set goals, we try to set goals, you got to realize you may be going against the flow. And the reason that Jesus wants you to know that you may have to leave behind father and mother, and brother and sister, is for some of us we do, because our family is such a negative, bad place. They hold us back, and we have to be willing to be honest about that. For some of us, our desire for things of the material world has been so great, it holds us back from God. And when God says your life is on the big screen, what he wants you to do is to see your life from the big picture, and begin to be honest and say, what's really my motivation? What's really, really pulling me? What's pushing me? What's driving me? And see, this is where you begin with whatever goal, when you start looking at the goals of your life. Let's say right now you have relational goals, let's say you have health goals, let's say you have goals in terms of your career, or you have goals in terms of your spirit, whatever that area or that goal is, you've got to begin by beginning to asking, where am I?

Doyle Jackson: 21:36 If we were going to do a fixer upper, and maybe your life is a fixer upper, you have to first look at what tools you have, what experience you have, and what capabilities you have. You see, that's where we begin. You have to begin with who you are, and where you're at, before you can move forward. And some of us we're just pointing at the fence, and we've never even swung a bat. Jennifer's reading this book, whatever book I'm reading or whatever books she's reading, we share and we talk. Except when she's like reading a book on birds, and I'm not really interested in what a warbler looks like. You know what I'm saying? But that's okay, I'm sorry, it's good. Alright. But she's reading this book right now on leadership, and she said, man, I've been reading this chapter, and it's so powerful. It says, if you're going to be a leader, you've got to be willing to experience a certain amount of pain. And the guy who's written the book, he's talking about football players, and he says, football players play in pain. He said, you know, if you're a lineman, you go through a multi-car accident every week, and you have to get up and keep playing. And some of you have this miss-notion, and I've had this miss-notion too, that if God loves me, I'll never experience pain, and so I don't have to do anything. And see, if you're going to reach a goal, you need to understand something, and Jesus is saying it right here, he says, count the cost. And let me tell you what, every NFL great you ever see, played through the pain. And if you want to be great, Jesus says, you have to carry your cross. How often? Daily. Do you think there was any pain involved in that? Probably. Now, what do you think that meant for Jesus's crowd? It says it right there in the Bible. A lot of them took a hike. If there's one thing I can tell you is this, they're going to regret it later. Don't take a hike, snuggle up, pull up close, move in hard, it'll be worth it.

Doyle Jackson: 24:06 I'm going to give you a little process you can run through to do a count the cost in your heart, and I've created it to be fun. Okay? Fun. Number one, in counting the cost. If the past year were a movie of your life, what would the genre be? A drama, a comedy, a romance, a tragedy, an adventure, or something else? An other, like maybe an action buddy comedy with Will Ferrell, or maybe it was a musical, you and Hugh Jackman decided to get out there in the musical realm, or how about this, French noir, a sifi horror movie, a zombie apocalypse. What was your life this last year? I want you to sit down and think about it. If you were going to give your life over the past 12 months, the past year, we're doing a gut check, where are we? What genre would your life be? Now it gets even better, even more fun, alright? What will be the title of this movie? Wonder Woman? Iron Man? How about Alcatraz? How about The Money Pit? I've got like 20 of them written down here. Maybe Dumb and Dumber. What would the movie title be to your life? Amazing Life. Forrest Gump. Then I want you to, number three, I want you to take it to the next level. What were the two or three specific themes that kept recurring? Was it life is like a box of chocolates, you know what I'm saying? Was that a theme for you? Was it new life? Was it growth? Was it? Was this past year, every time you turned around, you had a new door of opportunity God has open for you? Or maybe it was just doctor visits, it's been a tough year. Or maybe this past year was all about laughter. What was it? And then take those and begin to arrange them in what one happened the most. Why is that important? Because if you can start ranking your life, and looking at how it was, then you are counting the cost.

Doyle Jackson: 26:21 What is it that you are going to have to leave behind? Maybe this year I'm going to leave behind sickness, this year I'm going towards health. Maybe this year you know, if your life has been the money pit and it's all been bills, then this year we're going to change that. We're going to get out of the hole and we're going to get on top. What is the theme of your past year, it's going to you determine what you need to do next. Tonight I'm going to do deeper life. Okay? Deeper Life, a Sunday night, is a Bible study that I do. I'm inviting you, you have been invited? Say yes Doyle. Some of you just said yes, and you don't know what I said. Okay? Deeper Life, I'm going to do a Bible study tonight on prayer, and I'm going to teach you how to write a prayer, how to craft a prayer, that'll get you moving spiritually from the scripture. Okay? I'm going to teach you, we're going to talk. It's going to be an open conversation tonight at 5:00. Okay? Why? Because I look at the themes in my life, and what God is doing, and I'm saying, okay, God, what is it you're doing? Then I go to the word of God, and we pull out of the word of God what he's inviting us to, and then we say, okay Lord, let's pray about that. So let's soak in this. Okay? Keep going with me. In terms of this past year, what did you accomplish this past year that you were most proud of? Now there may be something, more than likely, that what you're most proud of, no one else knows about. This year, I forgave so-and-so. This year I paid off this. See what I'm saying? The things that you're most proud of, most of the time are done in secret. All right. I mean, what are you most proud of from your past year, that they probably would give it an award? You'd like to have gotten an award for it, but no one ever gave you award for. What would that be? What would the award say? Greatest Dad. Greatest mom. Because you know, they don't give awards for that. They may sell you a mug, but they don't give you an award for it. Right? Yet that's what you feel best about from this past year. When I was little, like real little, my brother Alan saw a girl at school being picked on and bullied. Okay? And she was picked on because she had red hair, and she had an issue so that she had to wear braces on her knees, so she had to walk funny. Okay? And when Alan saw that in elementary school, he started going by her house every day, carrying her books, and walking her to school. See those are the things that we do in life that no one ever sees, or no one ever acknowledges, but we did the right thing. That's what God is looking for. God is looking for people. Maybe this year, maybe this year, what you did was you started being generous and giving. Had a young lady come up to me today, today, for the first service, and she said, pastor, I want you to know I did it. I said, what did you did? She said, I read all the way through the Bible. She said, I did it, I read every book, and she's been checking it off, and I said, way to go, Kristin. Okay. What is your goal? What is it that that no one will know about? What? What do you want to be cheered for?

Doyle Jackson: 29:53 Today I opened up my Bible. I'm reading in Acts Chapter 14, and it talks about how Paul and Barnabas, they had been sent out by the church at Antioch. They've been on this travel through chapter 14 and now in 15. They're circling back around, and they're coming home to Antioch. And they celebrate with the church, that the churches first mission sending group has reached the goal, and they've returned. And they're celebrating how God used them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Folks, you and I, we had a goal that this Easter that we would make a difference, and we've done it, but we're not done. We're going to continue to follow up with those people, but we're not done, but we're going to celebrate that. But guess what? We're still going to Africa this season. See what I'm saying? You got to celebrate, and keep moving. You got to keep this action going, it adds value to your life.

Doyle Jackson: 30:47 The reason I want you to sit down and do this, is this is what I know. We can show you from science, if you'll sit down and start writing these things out, just the tactile writing out your ideas and whatnot, makes you hit the goal. It begins to produce endorphins in your brain. It begins to say to you, we're going to do this, we can accomplish this, we can make this goal happen. And that's what God is inviting you to, God is inviting you to a life that has more peace, more hope, more love, more generosity, more kindness, more of Him, but we have to set the goal. It will not just happen, because we lived another year, and I'm inviting you to that. This is what it says. It says, what was missing from last year? As you look back, go through the months, what was the one thing that was missing? And what I found in doing this part of the exercise, is that there are certain months of the year I always go through a certain emotional, either an up or down. And I've gone back and said, well, why is that? And I can tell you when I was a kid, I got down every year when August came, because I had to go back to school. And then something changed in me, and I had to learn, I had to learn to be excited about school. That it was good in my life, and I had to change that attitude. And I remember taking a class my first year of college, and I went to a study skill session, and it was actually more than one session. I can't remember it all, but I remember one session, in one time in particular, and I still use some of those things that they taught me my freshman year of college to this day. It helps me reach goals and evaluations.

Doyle Jackson: 32:34 Begin to look at your life. If there's a certain part of your life where you go down, say, well, why is that? Well, that's when my grandpa died, and he was really important in my life. Then we're going to get rid of that grief this year. Maybe you want to go to the small group that we have here at church on grief. I don't know what it is, but I'm telling you, begin to think about it. You're going through and evaluating. This week all I want you to do is to begin to talk with your spouse maybe, okay? If you're a young person, sit down with your parents and say, what do you think the theme of my life would have been this past year? The reason God puts you as a part of a group of people is to do that. If you're part of a small group, you're going to talk about it this week. If you're not, go to a small group, you'll get to talk about it this week. This is the invitation of Jesus. Jesus says, let your life voice be heard. Let your life voice be heard. What Jesus said is this, he said, whether you believe it or not, God is watching, and number two, your neighbors are watching. Because he says, if you go to build a tower, and you don't even get it out of the ground, everybody knows and they say, hmm, another wannabe, another pretender. Don't be that. It's going to be different.

Doyle Jackson: 34:06 What's the context when Jesus said this? This is Jesus sending out the seventy-two. Listen to these verses. Jesus said, "Whoever listens to you, listens to me. Whoever rejects you, rejects me, but whoever rejects me, rejects Him, who sent me." That's Jesus sending out the seventy-two, it does not tell us any more instructions than that. It just, he says, They're going to listen to you, and then when they hear you, they're going to see me." Now look at the next verse. This is verse 17. It says, "The seventy-two returned with joy, and said, Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name. He replied, I saw Satan falling like lightning from heaven." Jesus is celebrating with them isn't he? "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you." You're going to be a goal setter, you're going to be a goal accomplisher, way to go. You're going to get out there and change lives in my name, you're going to love people, you're going to encourage people, the gates of hell are coming down. "However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven." He said, your rejoicing should be over the fact that you are mine, and I am yours.

Doyle Jackson: 35:26 But what I want you to do, be clear on this. Jesus is not saying not to get out there, he sent them out there, God is sending you out there. The reason you exist, the reason that he has given you life, the reason that he has given you health and strength, is to bring glory to Him. And when evil is vanquished, when evil is dealt with, whether it be through you or me or anyone else, when evil is dealt with, it brings glory to your Creator and the Lord of life, And that's what God is inviting you to.

Doyle Jackson: 36:04 So this week what I'm inviting you to is this. I want you to go home, I want you to sit with those people that are close to you and say, what do you think my movie title would be? What do you think the theme is? What do you think maybe God is saying to you? Let me tell you, I went to a friend a couple of years ago. I said, Man, I've always wanted to have a great marriage."

Doyle Jackson: 36:24 And he said, "Listen Doyle, you can have that."

Doyle Jackson: 36:28 I said, "But I don't feel like we're where we ought to be."

Doyle Jackson: 36:30 He said, "Well, how much time have you been spending with your wife?"

Doyle Jackson: 36:35 I said, "Well, I'm just going to work, and paying bills, and whatnot."

Doyle Jackson: 36:38 He said, "Well, I think we've found the solution, haven't we?"

Doyle Jackson: 36:43 So Jennifer and I, started Fridays, and that was our date day. My life, it's changed over the years. Today I have relational goals that have to do with my mom and dad, and my brothers, and it's just about being able to lock the door and go check on them. Because my mom and dad are 81 and 82. Jennifer's parents are where they are, they need me in a different way. I used to rely on them. Now I want them to be able to know, I'm reliable, I'm trustworthy, that I'm a godly man that'll show up. Our boy's need in a different way today. My wife needs me in a different way today. My brother's need me. You are part of a community, you need me in a different way today.

Doyle Jackson: 37:30 What are your goals? Do you know what the most important question is, God, what is your goal for my life? That's what I want to know, I don't want to live a life for me, I want to live a life for you. Amen.

Doyle Jackson: 37:43 So here's my prayer. This is what I'm going to do for you. If you're willing to stand, I'm going to pray for you. I'm going to ask God to lead you and guide you, and if you like the prayer when I'm done, and you want it to be applied to your life, all you have to do is say amen. If you don't want it, just be quiet, and walk on out. I think that's pretty easy. I give you permission to hold your neighbor's hand, and if it's your spouse you probably ought to do that. Alright, here we go.

Doyle Jackson: 38:09 Father, I just thank you for this group of people. I thank you for the men and the women and the young people that are here, and I pray your blessing upon them. God, would you speak to every one of us today? Help us to walk through our life on the big screen, and think about what's been going on over the past year. Help us to understand what you are doing, and what you're leading in our life. And God, this is our prayer, that we would not listen to any spirit, not a human person or an evil spirit, but we would only listen to your holy spirit leading and guide us. God. May you whisper in our ear, go to the right, go to the left, go forward or stop, may we begin to recognize what it means to follow you completely and wholeheartedly. In Jesus' name, and all who wanted it said, Amen.

Doyle Jackson: 39:02 Awesome, awesome. Have a great day. If you want to say hello, I'd love to meet you, I really would. If you need prayer, there's always a team that would love to pray with you. If you're a guest, stop by, Patty's back there, she'll give you a gift.

Recorded in Columbus, Ohio.
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